Public Health Update: with the Indiana Department of Health Respiratory Infections and Vaccinations

Public health updates with Shireesha Vuppalanchi, MD, Medical Director, Office of Chief Medical Officer, Indiana Department of Health, will be discussing current trends, hospitalizations, and recommended vaccinations for seasonal respiratory infections.

Closing the Health Literacy Gap: Advancing Health Equity Webinar

The presentation will explore the factors that contribute to health literacy disparities, highlight the importance of health literacy, and its contribution to promoting health equity.

Social Drivers of Health – The Missing Link

This is a webinar with the Indiana Hospital Association focusing on the use of Z-codes in healthcare settings.

Care Coordination Series: Hospice Settings

In part three of our Care Coordination Series, we will continue to highlight the importance of having programs in place to support effective communication between healthcare settings.

Care Coordination Series: Aging and In-Home Health Care Settings

In the second part of our Care Coordination Webinar series, our panelists will discuss aging and care coordination needs for home healthcare services.

Care Coordination Series: Hospitals and Nursing Home Settings

In the first part of our three part Care Coordination series, our panelists will discuss care coordination needs for hospital and nursing home settings.

Advancing Health Equity through Immunization

Immunization is key to building a healthy community and reducing health disparities. However, vulnerable populations often face many barriers to vaccine uptake resulting in a disproportionate burden of preventable infections and diseases. In this session, our speakers will highlight successful strategies implemented by their organizations to address vaccination equity within the community.

Pneumococcal Disease: Updates on Symptoms Complications and Prevention Webinar

This webinar will discuss the impact of Pneumococcal Disease in adults and include updated information on pneumococcal vaccines for adults as well as providing resources to determine who needs a pneumococcal vaccine and when.

Recruitment and Retention Webinar

In this interactive learning event, Neha Patel, a seasoned Nursing Home Administrator, will share tips for staff recruitment and retention, including interviewing techniques and recommendations to develop a morale committee and employee council.

Overdose Prevention Through Harm Reduction and Surveillance

The purpose of this webinar is to learn about the Indiana Department of Health’s (IDOH) efforts regarding substance use surveillance and prevention.

Situational Awareness Webinar

This presentation will guide you through the steps to better understand situational awareness, including how to read your environment, adapt to changes, and act accordingly.

Connecting Hoosiers Through Indiana 211

Qsource partnered with Tara Morse, Executive Director, Indiana 211, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, as she spoke about her experiences and tremendous work during our Connecting Hoosiers Through Indiana 211 Webinar.

The Case for Cardiac Rehab

Learn the benefits of cardiac rehab, barriers to enrollment and retention, and best practices used by organizations to overcome those barriers.

Supporting Individuals with Diabetes – Part 1

Discuss the importance of person-centered care when it comes to diabetes education, treatments, and medications.

Supporting Individuals with Diabetes – Part 2

Learn about potential barriers that exist with diabetes education and prevention and services available in the community.

Recovery Ecosystems

Substance Use Disorder and Recovery

Tobacco Use in Behavioral Health

Tobacco use leads to more deaths than all other substances that mental health and substance use providers focus on as a priority.

Advance Care Planning, Advance Directives and the New Indiana Overhaul Law

In this webinar session, Chris Brinneman, ACP manager at Parkview Health a Respecting Choices ACP facility, discusses the importance of having person-centered conversations, review advance directives under the prior law, and share changes from Indiana’s new statute.

Telehealth 101

This webinar explores Telehealth basics, what to consider before, during and after a Telehealth visit and considerations for reimbursement.

Adverse Drug Events in Long-Term Care

Guest speaker Jon Pouliot, Associate Professor Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, provides an overview of adverse drug events (ADEs) associated with high-risk medications such as diabetic agents, anticoagulants and opioids in long-term care facilities.

How SHIP Helps You Put Together the Medicare Puzzle

Learn how to navigate the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) in Indiana. SHIP empowers, educates and assists individuals, their families and their caregivers through objective outreach, counseling and training to make informed health insurance decisions that optimize access to care and benefits.

Psychosocial Effects on Healthcare Professionals

This webinar reviews description of the effects of social isolation in healthcare professionals and provides an overview of a social well-being preparedness guide for healthcare professionals to manage isolation effects.

Self Care: Managing Everyday Professional and Personal Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19

This webinar will address the impact and experience of COVID on staff in the Long TermCare setting. We will explore how to identify stress in yourself and your peers, how to manage stress in healthy ways and how to support your peers and friends as they face challenges during this unprecedented time of global crisis.

Building Community Immunity

Building Community Immunity Series

Our “Building Community Immunity” series of Office Hours calls wraps up for October with the Public Health Update: What To Expect in the Winter. Deputy Health Commissioner and State Epidemiologist and Medical Director for Long-Term Care to discuss the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and address audience questions.

Vaccine Town Hall

Vaccine Town Hall: Overcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

The COVID-19 vaccines have offered many hope after a year of lockdowns, social distancing and climbing infection and deaths totals. Despite all this, many are hesitant to be vaccinated—both consumers and health care workers. View this panel discussion by clinical experts from the Indiana Department of Health who can give insight into addressing consumer and health care workers’ hesitancy to be vaccinated.

Town Hall Session 2: COVID-19: Virus, Vaccine, and the Value of Herd Immunity

During this presentation the Indiana Department of Health’s Long-term Care Medical Director explains COVID-19, its short and long-term complications on the body, and how the virus has impacted the US and state. Dr. Vuppalanchi provides an overview of each of the vaccines and vaccination rates according to demographics, efficacy and safety during development and post authorization.

Town Hall Session 3: Strategies for Supporting Community Vaccination Efforts During a Pandemic

Qsource provides the results of a statewide environmental scan about the COVID-19 vaccine and discusses activities supporting communities in improving vaccination rates. A panel of community leaders share their efforts being done in their communities and the successes and challenges of vaccination.