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Diabetes Change Package

This change package includes some key resources, created and produced by Qsource, your organization can use to improve chronic disease management and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits within your patient or client population. 

General Diabetes Resources

Heart Health Resources Related to Diabetes

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Resources Related to Diabetes

Other Related Resources to Diabetes

Diabetes-Related Podcasts

Diabetes Distress

In this episode, Mary de Groot, Associate Professor of Medicine and Acting Director of the Diabetes Translation Research Center at Indiana University, defines diabetes-related distress and offers strategies for both patients and providers to manage it effectively.

Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes in Indiana

In this episode, Aliya Amin from the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Coalition of Indiana, discusses how cardiovascular disease impacts one in four Americans, focusing on Indiana. She also highlights the efforts of the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Coalition of Indiana. 

Diabetes and CKD

In this episode, speakers explore the connection between diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD), featuring personal journeys of two individuals living with both conditions. Dr. Scott Solcher, a nephrologist, provides insights on reducing the risk and progression of CKD.

Diabetes and Depression

In this episode, Mary de Groot discusses how diabetes affects mental and physical health, identifies signs of depression in individuals with diabetes, and suggests screening tools for healthcare providers.

Diabetes and Depression Treatment

In this episode, Mary de Groot and Lynn Maples discuss diabetes and depression treatment with Maples sharing his experiences as a new patient.

Diabetes-Related Virtual Education and Webinars

Supporting Individuals with Diabetes – Part One

Managing Diabetes with Community Support – Part Two

Qsource’s Diabetes Collaborative

The diabetes collaborative education and tools were developed for home health nurses to use at the homes where they provide care. The education and learning modules, created by Viven Health, can be used by anyone interested in sharpening their diabetes knowledge base. The Diabetes Collaborative web page lists upcoming session dates, recordings of past sessions, and the Viven Health Glucose Control education module link is also available. New videos and Viven Health Modules will be added after each diabetes collaborative session. 

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